SUMMARY: "ypservers" vs. "ypslaves" map in SunOS 4.1.3. Any theories?

Date: Thu Jan 14 1993 - 03:58:42 CST

I asked last week whether anyone was aware of the relationship between the
"ypservers" and "ypslaves" maps under SunOS 4.1.3 as reported by
"/usr/etc/yp/yppush -v".

There were four responses. Two suggested that changing yp masters from AIX
to SunOS may have caused problems and suggested using Sun's template
Makefile. (Not an option: I do m4 preprocessing on a number of data files
to dynamically assign data to maps, but I'm sure this is not an issue.)
Some AIX bashing. (I do this too, but this is not an issue here.)

Marcel Bernards suggested:
>You can implement NIS+ on 4.1.1 if you get the NISPLUS.TAR
>from the Solaris 2.X CDROM distribution.
I have not ordered Solaris 2.x yet but will keep an eye out for it.

A fairly detailed response from Bob Cronin described similar experiences,
and pointing out:
>Notice that, besides the unknown ypslaves map, the master tries to
>ypxfr to itself, only to discover that the map it is trying to
>is not newer than the map it is trying to transfer!
Bob's installation is running 4.1.1 + random patches.

That's all the information I have. I've made some assumptions based on my
experiences and Bob's:
1) "ypservers" contains the "official" list of servers and a client will
try to bind to that whenever possible. (If the master name is not in the
"ypservers" map, the yp master will consistently bind to a slave rather
than to itself.)
2) "ypslaves" contains the list of servers to receive "yppush" updates.

I can think of good applications for this, and I assume Sun intended that.
(Where's the friggin documentation, guys?) So I now maintain separate
"ypservers" and "ypslaves.<master>" maps.

The "ypservers" map looks like this:

The "ypslaves" map looks like this:

"yppush -v" no longer complains, and my network hasn't broken. ("slave3"
which has been removed from "ypslaves" lives on the other side of a 2Mbit
connection some 10 miles from my site, and receives its updates using cron
and ypxfr.)

Thanks to:
bernards@ECN.NL (Marcel Bernards)
Christian Lawrence <> (Robert J. Cronin)
Richard Wong <rnw@math.Princeton.EDU>

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