Summary DNS/NIS Mail Header Duplication of Domain Name

From: Scott A Surguine (s3surgui@copper.Denver.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Thu Jan 14 1993 - 00:27:24 CST


My last post re: an interesting addition I found in my mail headers shortly after installing DNS/NIS. My headers looked like this:

Received by: from
Message-Id <>

I assumed that the solution would lie with changing my domainname until I
received a very interesting post From Brett Lymn: Tue Jan 12 20:25:43 1993

According to Scott A Surguine:
> For reasons mentioned previously via an earlier posting by Larry Chin,
> I need to alter my domainame from -> :
> In other words I need to placate Sendmail so that the extra
> does not occur on upon mail replies.
> My question is what is the best way to accomplish this without rudely
> interrupting my network traffic.

    You need to look at your file, your official hostname
    should look like:




    as I suspect you have at the moment.

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In fact this was exactly what I am looking for. The

Dj$w.$m Macro is assigned when you want the gateway to appear INSIDE the domain.

Dj$m is assigned if you want the Gateway to ID ITSELF as the Domain.

In our case my machine is a subsidiary which routes through the Gateway. It is appropriate in our case to use the Dj$m macro.

I am still not quite sure what the w and m macros define here. I do know that

Dj = define my sites official domain name.

Many a Hearty Thanks go out to Brett Lymn and everyone else who responded.

Scott A. Surguine

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