SUMMARY: Re: NIS problems

From: Larry Chin (
Date: Wed Jan 13 1993 - 18:44:57 CST

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I am getting an NIS error when I run /var/yp/make.
The error only occurs on the aliases file and it is:
Can't translate master name to an address.
Can't bind master to send ypclear message to ypserv for map mail.aliases.

It should be added here that the DNS and NIS master are one and the same and
that this problem supposedly only shows up in just such a case.

SunOS in this case is 4.1.2.

Well turns out that this is actually an dns/nis problem.

First of all the does not handle aliases very well so beware any
MX records that point to the machine that you are sending the mail from. This
will cause an "internal error". There is a patch 100377-05 which is a new
sendmail and file. This is the 4.1.2 version of the patch by the

The meat of the problem is the fact that does not deal very well
with aliases. The work around is slightly counter intuitive. It involves
making the aliases NIS maps, and only these maps, with the non-dns sendmail
and, since the latter is "generic", whatever that means.

1) cd /var/yp
2) edit Makefile
3) search for sendmail ( should find it under the aliases.time entry )
4) change sendmail to point to the regular /usr/lib/sendmail **NOT**
5) add after the -bi option.
6) save file and exit
7) remake aliases maps

I know there were one or two people with this problem, I hope this helps you.

Thank you all for taking the time to answer my query. Mail has been down for
a few days, hence the lateness of this Summary.

Thanks to:
xcpgzm@atom.oryx.COM (Phil Meyer)
stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)

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