SUMMARY: 101 Ways to Use an Old CD-ROM

From: Mike Jipping (
Date: Wed Jan 13 1993 - 07:42:55 CST

About a month ago, I asked the wisdom of the net about uses for old
CD-ROMs. Here's a summary.

Basically, there were 2 top answers:
   80% said "microwave 'em" (believe it or not)
   18% said "make 'em into clocks"

TO microwave CDs, invert a paper cup in the microwave, place CD on cup
(data side up), turn off lights in room, and microwave on HIGH for 15
seconds. There is a COOL *sound* and light show, plus you get spiffy
fractal patters across the disk surface.

I have not tried the clock approach, although I'm told you can run down
to your local craft store and get standard clock innards for this
particular use.

I do have one (more) question: There were a couple of requests to BUY
the CDs. My understanding is that this is legal -- it's up to the buyer
to obtain the proper RTUs from Sun to use the software on the disk. Is
this correct? Am I free to sell old software disks?

Thanks. Happy Microwaving!

      Mike Jipping
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