SUMMARY: non-optical mouse availability

From: Robert Weinberg (
Date: Mon Jan 11 1993 - 10:44:14 CST

Many thanks to all the netters who responded to my request for information
regarding mouse replacements for Suns.

I was sent useful information by Aslam Haswarey, Julie Reilly, Mike Khaw, John
Mckeown, Jeff Wasilko, Joe Malek, Bill Stewart, and Thomas Davis.

Several people suggesting getting in touch with Logitech and/or Mouse-trak.

Aslam said:
Logitech has a mechanical mouse(~$80, me thinks) for the Sun workstations.
Also, mouse-trak has a trackball mouse for sun workstations. They run
about $199. Call 1-800-533-4822 or send email to

Julie added:
If you order a mouse from Logitech and pay by credit card, they will let
you try it for XX-days and return it for a refund if you do not like it.

And Bill Stewart has already posted here:
Qualix sells Logitech roller mouses.
911031-00 Logitech Series 15 mouse with Sun interface $79
Qualix +1-415-572-0200 San Mateo CA

Mike added:
My SS1 has a 3-button Logitech mouse on it that works just great. No
stupid optical pad that cares about the orientation of the mouse on it
to worry about.

Jeff said that Sun Express has mechanical mice: 800-use-sunx

Thanks again to everyone.


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