Announcing: AMD patches archive and Solaris 2.1 port available

From: Erez (
Date: Sun Jan 10 1993 - 11:40:55 CST

This is the README file for the ftp directory of the UNOFFICIAL release of
amd that includes many patches and new ports not available in the official
release of amd, most notably a Solaris 2.1 (SunOS 5.1) port. The ftp site
is ( and the ftp directory is /pub/amd.
Please complete reading this file before proceeding further.

                                        -Erez Zadok <>


(1) Preface
(2) Contents of the ftp directory
(3) What's next -- the future


AMD is a popular automounter package that is being used by many people over
lots of platforms and operating systems. Over the last year, as of amd's
latest release (which is still at the alpha stage), there have been lots of
patches posted to the mailing list. People have
done a great job of porting amd to new platforms, and providing patches for
existing ones.

But no one has ever collected all of the posted patches and combined them
into one collection of sources. No one, until now. I have been collecting
patches for almost a year. I have looked at each one of them and accepted
most of them, rejecting a few. Most of the rejections were due to
duplications. As the patches were not cumulative, I *manually* patched the
latest amd sources. I have taken great care to make sure one patch does not
break anything else.

Furthermore, I've ported my latest patched amd to Solaris 2.1 (a.k.a SunOS
5.1.) To the best of my knowledge it is the first SVR4 port of amd.
Special thanks go to James Tanis <> for his help in
deciphering Solaris's networking/nfs_mount code. I hope that this port
would make it easier to port amd to other SVR4 machines. The Solaris port
is not a pure SVR4 port. I.e, I relied on libucb.a and librpcsoc.a which
are located in /usr/ucblib. I used Cygnus's GCC 2.0.2 to build amd because
I don't have Sun's unbundled C compiler. Before you ask me, Cygnus's GCC
compiler is available in binary and source forms from in the
directory /vendor/cygnus. Thank you Cygnus! As for a make, I used the
latest a.out gmake binary that was built on a Sun-4 running SunOS 4.1.2.

For more details as to my patches and ports, read the ChangeLog file at the
top of my patched amd release, the various README files in the "patches" ftp
directory, and as always -- RTFS. I tried to comment as much as I could
especially where my patch decisions may not be clear, or if I was unsure
what was the right thing to do.

My unofficial release compiles and runs on the following combinations:

        ============ ================
        sun4 Solaris 2.1 (sunos 5.1)
        sun3 sunos 4.0
        sun3 sunos 4.1.1
        sun4 sunos 4.1.1
        sun4 sunos 4.1.2
        sun4 sunos 4.1.3
        hp9000s300 hpux-7.0
        hp9000s300 hpux-7.05
        hp9000s300 hpux-B.08.00
        hp9000s700 hpux-A.08.07
        i386.MACH mach2 (2.6+X140)
        ibmrs6k aix 3.2
        ibmrt mach2 (MSD 4.3)
        mips ultrix 4.2
        next next 2.1
        next next 3.0

Note that neither I nor Columbia University claim any responsibility for
using my patches. Read the "Licensing" section of the Amd Reference Manual.

However, I would be interested to know how my code works for you, especially
for architectures I do not have access to. If you have any fixes/patches
that I did not include, new ones, or fixes to what I may have broken, please
let me know. Don't expect me to be able to answer all your amd questions;
that's what the list is for. In fact, all
discussion should be sent there (use for
un/subscription requests.) The last thing I want is to get personal email
questions like "how do I set my amd maps?"


The contents of this directory are as follows:

        This file.

        A mirror image of the official amd ftp site

        The latest official release of amd.

        The latest unofficial amd from me. The 'upl28' stands for
        "unofficial patch level 28".

        A context diff file to be applied using the patch program, which
        will bring an official amd920824 to my amd920824upl28 version.

        A directory containing an untarred version of the latest official
        and latest unofficial releases of amd.

        A directory containing all known amd patches I've collected for
        almost a year. The patches are not cumulative. Not all patches
        were accepted. My own patches are not included in this directory.
        If you want my patches and ports, get the file amd920824upl28.tar.Z
        which contains them, or amd920824-amd920824upl28.diffs.Z. Read the
        README file inside this subdirectory for more information.

        A listing of checksums generated by /bin/sum for all *.Z files.

All of the above described files are available *only* via anonymous ftp from in the directory /pub/amd. I do not intend to make them
available using an email server. I will not email patches to anyone nor
will I post them to the net. Please don't ask me to and don't do it
yourself. Just my context diff file, compressed and uuencoded is 200Kb so
the network hit may be too much, plus I don't have the time to answer
personal requests for emailing the patches.


It is hoped that my work will speed up amd's official transition from
alpha/beta stage to a real release. I am not in personal contact with the
official maintainers of amd so I don't know when/if this will happen.

I have many more changes to amd that I plan on doing in the future, but I am
not going to discuss them here.

I promise to maintain as many patches as I can on this site, and combine
them into newer unofficial releases of amd. My turnaround time would be
dictated by my schedule so don't expect warp speed releases.

And for the last time let me remind everyone that this is a VERY UNOFFICIAL
release of amd that I am providing here for the benefit of all. I am
calling this a "release" and assigning "unofficial patch level" numbers for
organizational reasons only. It will make it easier for everyone to get new
unofficial releases and relate to the same version of amd over discussions.
I'm not maintaining amd officially (not the I couldn't... :-)

I hope you find my work useful.

Erez Zadok.

Central Research Facilities.
Columbia University Department of Computer Science.

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