SUMMARY: Buffer Overflow on an HP LaserJet 4

From: Ralph Tietje (
Date: Sat Jan 09 1993 - 01:10:48 CST


        I would like to thank all of those who responded to
my original post regarding the Buffer overflow problem on
an HP LaserJet 4.

        Some of the responses are as follows:

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 The most likely problem would be the HPs' are set up differently from
each other, since everything else is the same. You may want to go through
all the setup menus; especially the flow control stuff, to make sure they
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Did you try :mx#0
to disable the maximum size of the document ?
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To me your problem sounds like a handshake problem. Try to check (with some break up box)
if the xon/xoff is transmitted correctly. Check if the cable is according to spec. for this

I dunno if it's overkill to specify ixoff as well on the ms-line ?? I have seen a similar
problem on a QMS PS printer some time ago. We never managed to track the problem. The printer
manufacturer claimed there might be a hw problem and swapped the device to no avail. The problem
in this case only showed up of files larger than approx 1.2MB (i.e. complex graphics)
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Check that flow control is set the same between 3 and 4
        Try using -crtscts,ixoff in your ms statement.
Have you set up the LaserJet 4 serial port properly? I just bought
one for home use - it's hooked up to a parallel port, but I remember
the instruction manual saying something about XON/XOFF, and robust
XON/XOFF flow control for the serial port. If your printer is
currently set for hardware (RTS/CTS or DTR/DSR?) flow control, you
may have no flow control at all.

 can't help, other than to suggest trying all sorts of "ms" settings,
as well as the fc, fs, xc, and xs fields.  One of these days, I'm going
to have to try that myself on our HP LJ4, so whoever figures it out
first should tell the other!

The actual solution was to change the printcap file. The printcap file that worked is as follows:

lp|PostScript|localprinter:\ :lp=/dev/ttya:sd=/var/spool/lp:\ :pw#80:sh:\ :ms=-parity,onlcr:

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