SUMMARY - midi for sun

Date: Fri Jan 08 1993 - 02:36:49 CST

Hello Sun Managers!,

        Hope everyone's holiday was a great one. Sorry about the delay for this summary,
but I have been away for a while and our mail server was down for three days after
the break.

I did receive 5 responses to my MIDI request.

1. Kevin Cosgrove (solomon!kevinc@qiclab.SCN.Rain.COM) sent a message originally posted from
someone else that laid out the schematic for a do-it yourself midi interface. It is supposed to work on a Mac serial port, and he does believes it should work on the Sun as well. If you want the schemnatic, email to Kevin or back to me for it.

2. Bill Kish ( also thinks that the MAC-MIDI device should work, directly if the din-8 plug is compatible, or with an interface cable.

3. MIke Flynn ( has devised a way to get any bps rate out of MAGMA boards, including the 31250bps needed for MIDI.

4. Birger A Wathne ( states that the Sparcstation10 has 16bit stereo sound (the LX does, too) and you could get a lot of sound effects without adding extras. SOunds good, if I had a Sparc10 (or the budget for one - EMPTY).

5. Mike Rembis ( suggests looking in Keyboard or Electronic Musician magazines. He specifically mentions Key Systems for serial line MIDI interfaces.

That's it for the responses. I have not implemented anything yet, so I can not vouch for any of the solutions, but I will most likely try them all (except maybe the SS-10, but you never know ;-))

Thanks go to all who responded, and apologies to those who have been waiting for a response
(specifically leon and greg)

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