From: Scott A Surguine (s3surgui@copper.Denver.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Tue Jan 05 1993 - 17:54:10 CST

Thanks for everyone's quick responses:

My question concerned the new installation of DNS on a few SPARCS running NIS.
I was receiving 553 errors which looked suspiciously like MX Looping.

For Example: mail

>>553 : host configuration error message

mail within my domain worked fine however.

Thanks to Pomeranz and others I realized that the sendmail binary needed to
be replaced with the binary. This solved my problem a far as the
errors were concerned. However, mail was still not being deliverd externally.

This problem turned out to be problems with the SMTP Gateway and the main
Mailhost < A micro Vax II >. Following reboot of these 2 machines mail
automagically made it to external addresses.

Thanks Again, Everyone for helping me with my first DNS install !

Scott A. Surguine

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