SUMMARY:Let's a Mac print without Unix

From: Wolfgang Leideck (
Date: Tue Jan 05 1993 - 13:14:02 CST

Sorry, if this summary comes late, but i was on vacance and i couldn't test
the solutions. Many, many people wrotes me. Thanks to all, especially
My original question was:

-------- original --------
Dear sun managers.
We have several Sun's and one Macintosh connected on the Ethernet. Now we've
got a printer for the Mac. The Mac runs with it's Mac OS. My question is, can i
use the Mac's printer from the sun's without bying AUX and if that will go, how
and which software i must use?
I will summarize.
Thanks in advance
-------- end ---------

The following answers i have received:
1. cap ( columbia appletalk protocol )
2. use TOPS ( commercial )
3. K-Spool and K-AShare ( commercial )
4. Extended Systems Bridgeport box ( hardware )
5. Interprint ( commercial )
6. netprint ( commercial )

I prefered the most recommended way and look for the cap software. After some
difficulties now it works fine. Here is a list of ftp's where you can get
cap: /software/sources/network/cap-6.0 ?/src /comp/macintosh/unix/cap60 /archive/macintosh/cap60 /ftpmail/
                         /ftpmail/ ?/mac pub/net/appletalk/cap mac/multigate /pub/cap60
... and many others.


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