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Date: Mon Jan 04 1993 - 10:57:57 CST

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I am attempting to set up DNS and after setting stuff up according to the FM
I try to do an nslookup ( after starting named ). I type nslookup and the
error message " Can't find initialize address for server: Non-existent domain".
pops up followed by "Default server: localhost" and Address:".

does anyone have any idea what I have done wrong here ? Any help would be

System: Sparc 2
        SunOS 4.1.2

Using Bind and Dns stuff that came with SunOs.
Domainname command yields ( as it should ).

If I have left out any essential info please let me know.


As usual the response was quick and accurate.
Many of you spotted the problem immediately and correctly pointed to the
/etc/resolv.conf file as the problem. Turned out to be a line that was
commented by accident ( red face ). I guess the result of too many hours
sitting in front of a console.

Anyway, thank you all for the responses, and the next time I ** will ** check
the basic first.

thanks to: (Brett Lymn) (Gregg Siegfried)
David Fetrow <> (Ed Strong) (Donald McLachlan) (Ole Holm Nielsen) (Leigh Hume) (45266B-C.MURPHY(HOM617)1000)
"Marc P. Rinfret" <> (fabrice cuq)
pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU (Patrick L. Nolan)
Geert Jan de Groot <>

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