SUMMARY: silo overflow error -- and another question

From: 2Lt David Hightower (
Date: Wed Dec 30 1992 - 02:40:06 CST

Many thanks to all those who responded concerning the "silo overflow"
error we are getting on our system. It seems that this message
indicates that the serial controller on our ttyb is receiving characters
faster than the kernel is pulling them out; since it is essentially a
FIFO queue, the controller's receive buffer overflows, resulting in some
of the data being lost. Several people indicated that this does not
create a problem, as during boot the X.25 has not yet been configured
when we start getting the warnings. After the X.25 initialization, the
error does not reoccur.

Many thanks to those that responded.

Another question, though: we have not yet hooked the DDN line to our
system, so theoretically there should be no data coming in on ttyb (at
least, not enough to overflow the buffer); should this message still be
popping up?

Again, thanks to all that responded.

Dave Hightower

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