SUMMARY: /dev/audio busy?

From: Amir J Katz (
Date: Thu Dec 31 1992 - 10:57:53 CST

Recently (Dec. 11) I posted the following:

>> Gurus,
>> I'm using Lucid Emacs 19.x, which, among other things, uses the audio port
>> of my SS1+, without any problems. However, I can not get 'play' or
>> 'audiotool' to work. They don't complain, the terminate normally, but no
>> sound is played thru the speaker, even when Lucid Emacs is not up. Seems
>> like /dev/audio is left busy and only reboot can free it. I'm running SunOS
>> 4.1.3, no patches.

The only response came from Mark Boyns ( who said:

Mark> I am not sure about your /dev/audio busy problem but I would like to
Mark> recommend that you use my rplay package. rplay will allows you to play
Mark> multiple sounds at once on local and remote machines. The source
Mark> can be obtained at along with about 350Megs of audio files.
Mark> About your /dev/audio busy, are you sure the volume is not 0?

After more discussions with Mark and some trial & error, I have the verdict:
The culprit is the existing audio code of Lucid Emacs 19.3.

Jamie Zawinski ( has sent me a new version of the audio code
that no longer hogs the audio device. It works fine on my SunOS 4.1.3, but
your mileage may vary...

The source has been posted to the bug-lucid mailing list, for those who're

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