SUMMARY: Problem about pseduo terminals

Date: Thu Dec 31 1992 - 13:09:08 CST

        Sorry for this late SUMMARY.
The orignial question

>% telnet localhost
>Trying ...
>Connected to localhost
>Escape character is '^]'.
>telnetd: All network ports in use.
>Connection closed by foreign host.

The reson why and solution
 o maybe the ptys are all in used indeed.
   ==> change the kernel config file
       change the following line
>pseudo-device pty # pseudo-tty's, also needed for SunView
       to things like
>pseudo-device pty128 # pseudo-tty's, also needed for SunView
       ( default is 48 )
       then re-make the kernel,
       and make pseduo devices for ptys in /dev if you want to use
       more than 64 ptys ( the default for /dev )
  o maybe some process remain occupies some ptys though "ps -aux"
       doesn't show their control terminal, use "fuser", or get utility like "ofiles"
       ( use "archie" to find it ) to check the ptys that can't be allocated by



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