SUMMARY: PC-NFS and Dosshell

From: Susan Fichera (
Date: Sun Dec 13 1992 - 21:25:09 CST

Greetings Managers -

System info: 486 PC running DOS5.0 and PCNFS 4.0a

Awhile back, I posted a question regarding an apparent conflict between
dosshell and certain pc-nfs utilities, such as rsh, telnet, ftp. Specifically,
I was not able to run these utilities when dosshell was resident.

The answer is that the resident transport module, rtm.exe, MUST be executed
AFTER nfs is begun on the pc. I thought that this module would only be
executed if pcnfs was to be run with Windows. Not so. If you want to
be able to telnet to other hosts as an option in the Task Menu of dosshell,
rtm.exe must be executed, either from the command line or from autoexec.bat.
Also, if you want to run pcnfs networking utilities from the DOS prompt
while dosshell is resident, rtm.exe must be running.

If the nfs directory is in your execution path, the dosshell will find the
appropriate executables without further assistance. If not, specify a
full pathname when setting up program items.

Thanks to Arie Bikker, who suggested the use of rtm.exe. Thanks also to
Chayim L. Weiss for his comments on using PCNFS with Windows.
Many of the same issues apply to Windows as they do to dosshell.
The PIF editor may have to be used to specify full path names for pcnfs
utilities executed from Windows.

Finally, thanks to benji and Joe for their comments:
Joe P. DeCello

Susan Fichera

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