SUMMARY: Problem with differential SCSI-disk on SS1

From: Michael Heitkamp (
Date: Mon Dec 14 1992 - 14:07:18 CST

The original problem was to connect a differential SCSI drive
(Fujitsu M2652HA) via a differential SBus-Controller from
Performance Technologies to a SPARCstation 1.

I've received only a single answer which didn't solved the problem.

There were in fact two problems:
First of all, the external terminator was defect. This resulted in the
  "ptscII0: Warning- no devices found for this SCSI bus"
  "Single Ended Device Detected On Differential Bus!!!"
when booting.
After removal of the terminator the controller recognized a wrong device -
which sounds logical
  "ptscII0 at SBus slot 2 0x800000 pri 3"
  "ptscII0: Target 1 now Synchronous FAST at 10.0 mb/s max transmit rate"
  "sd5 at ptscII0 target 1 lun 0"
  "sd5: corrupt label - wrong magic number"
  "sd5: Vendor 'FUJITSU', product 'M2652H-512', 3409965 512 byte blocks"

The second problem was the configuration of the device driver.
The transmit mode is initially configured to 10 MB/s synchronous. But this
resulted after short time to a panic "panic: system bus error timeout".
When i configured the driver to work in async mode, everything went fine.

I already knew, that the internal controller of the SPARC 1 is not able to
run in sync mode. But it seems strange to me, that the external controller,
which is connected only via the SBus will be influenced by this.

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