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From: Bernard Silver (
Date: Mon Dec 14 1992 - 14:15:12 CST

My original message:

#I fear that this is a FAQ, if so, sorry.
#We have a file system, /usr2, exported from "ai", a Sparc 2 running 4.1.2.
#Mounting this directory on two of our machines (IPX and IPC running
#4.1.3) causes no problems. However, difficulties arise when we try
#mounting on either of two other machines (a Sparc 10/30 running 4.1.3
#and a Sparc 1 running 4.1.1)
#On these machines, ai:/usr2 is mounting on /home/ai
# cd /home/ai;pwd
#produces the error message "pwd: getwd: can't open .. "
#References to ".." all fail, but everything else seems to work
#(e.g ls shows the files in the current directory and you can cd into
#subdirs without a problem).
#This would be a minor irritant except that some of our third party software
#breaks (as it seems to call getwd). We also can't see the difference
#between machines where it works and those where it fails!
#Any solutions gladly accepted.

The solution was to unmount, and check the permission of the mount
point, (the "real" /home/ai) on the failing machines. And, sure
enough, the mount points on those machines didn't have read-execute
permission for others (and the permissions were correct on the
machines where things worked).

Thanks to everyone who replied. At present, they are:

Sydney S. Weinstein, CDP, CCP
Dale Cook
Frank 'Scruff' Miller
Christopher Davis
Daniel Trinkle
David Barr
Duane Wessels
Claus Assmann
Glenn Satchell
Brett Lymn
Eckhard R"uggeberg
A S Lawson
Norman G. Hoffman

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