SUMMARY: booting off another disk

From: Marty Leisner (
Date: Wed Dec 16 1992 - 01:02:20 CST

I don't think I ever sent out a summary...

Here was my initial query:
        I have a Sparcstation with 2 207 Mbyte disks.

        On the second disk, I want to have / and swap.
        On the first disk, I have a smaller /, swap and usr (I always want to use the same /usr).

        I recall older suns let me boot off other devices via >b sd(0,1,0)

        However, these ROMS don't like that...

        I tried all types of combinations...and it has to be exactly right...

        I have rom rev 2.2...

        When I try >b /sbus/esp/sd@1,0

        it tells me: the file just loaded and returns with the boot prompt...

        Is it a problem to break of / and /usr between disks?

Thanks to:
Adam Shostack
Adrian Booth
Jeff Nieusma
Matt Goheen
Robert Brown
Geert Jan de Groot <>
abcomp! (Yves Hardy
Rick Pluta (Bob Reardon Maildrop 3F - x4794)
John Vogtle John_Vogtle:wbst147
bmskc!moe! (Paul Evan Matz) (Matthew Donaldson)
Steven Lee (Brian Katzung)
Peter Samuel <>
polaris1!support! (Luis Vallejo)

Some different opinions, sun roms generally have changed with time.

The major things I found out:
Do a >boot diskn to boot over disk n...

There is a magic program installboot (in /usr/kvm/mdec/installboot)
The -v option (supposedly) just prints out what it will do

Of course, source would be very nice... ;-)

Let me know if you want a complete's long.

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