SUMMARY: need internal mounting brackets for 3.5" internal disk on SS1

From: Guntram Wolski (
Date: Wed Dec 16 1992 - 10:29:49 CST

My original message:
> I would like to put a 200M 3.5" drive (one of the "new" 1"
> high drives) internal to my SS1+ whose external hard disk just
> crashed.... I opened up the box and found NO mounting hardware inside
> the pizza box. Can somebody please tell me where I can obtain the
> mounting hardware (or reasonable facsimile thereof) to mount a drive
> inside the SS1+ at a reasonable price (I couldn't even find the
> hardware in a SUN spares catalog -- SUN must just package it with the
> drive!!!).

        Whew! What a range of replies. They ranged from "I have one
you can have" to "I'll sell you one for $95 (3" SCSI cable
included!)." I did some more snooping after I sent out the message
and believe it or not a nice person at SUN Express told me that it is
a restricted part (part #330-1228 as specified in the Field service
manual) and neither SUN Express nor SUN sales can "sell" it to me (it
cost $1.75, that's not a typo, only one dollar and 75 cents), but I
can get it from my Field Service Engineer if I'm real nice to him/her.
Well off I went to beg, and sure enough my local friendly Apps
Engineer (I don't know if I have a field service engineer) located one
for me! I can't thank him enough (I'm sure I owe him at least one
beverage of his choice :-).

One of the brightest suggestions was to use tie wrap to hold the drive
to the SparcStation. I would suggest that a piece of cardboard be
placed between the drive and the metal case of the SparcStation in
order for the tie wrap to really cinch down.

Typical prices if you wanted to buy the bracket, cable and power
supply line was about $50. The best deal came in the message from
Michael Sullivan where he quotes an old usenet article from John Mizzi
dated in November of '92:

> I purchased the $25 brackets with the power cable, ribbon cable, and
> screws from a place called West Coast Computer Exchange.
> The phone number is (916) 635 9340

Mark Seiden was also very helpful (

People suggested I should complain to my vendor who sold me the disk.
I purchased the disk at a local PC place where they don't have
brackets for SparcStations. I made my own SCSI cable, grabbed a PC
internal power power supply cord, used the new bracket from SUN and my
machine is up and running! Thanks to the following folks for coming

Larry Chin <>
Dan Butzer <> (Anthony Datri)
Art.Hebert@EBay.Sun.COM (Art Hebert)
steve@seattle.Avcom.COM (Steve Lee)
sgiblab!uunet.UU.NET!trdlnk!mike (Michael Sullivan)
john@tater.Rational.COM (John Mizzi)
sgiblab!fourx.Aus.Sun.COM!ups!upstage!glenn (Glenn Satchell)
Alan J. Rothstein <sgiblab!uunet.UU.NET!merccap!alan> (Matt Goheen)
sgiblab!daver!sun!mcrware!johnl (John Lengeling) (Mark Seiden) (Mark Deason)
Jeff Bacon <>

Once again, I can't thank all of you enough. I will pass on all the
messages as appropriate to those that request the details.


Guntram Wolski         
Silicon Engineering, Inc.        408-438-5331 x112

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