UDP Checksumming

From: Tim Evans (tkevans@eplrx7.es.duPont.com)
Date: Fri Dec 18 1992 - 18:47:31 CST

One of my PC/TCP InterDrive (DOS NFS client) users is having
data corruption problems with files transferred to his network
drive on a Sparc 2 (4.1.2). ftp Software says to turn on
UDP checksumming, but SunSolve reports an open bug (ID 1010947),
which says:

 Bug Id: 1010947
 Category: network
 Subcategory: internet
 Release summary: 3.5, 4.0, 3.4
 Synopsis: Setting udpcksum does not cause NFS to checksum
 Integrated in releases: 4.1
There is a kernel variable call `udpcksum' that is
supposed to turn on UDP checksums. However, since
NFS uses its own path through the network code to send
packets (the module `kudp_fastsend.c'), it does not
take effect on NFS.

Is this bug corrected in 4.1.3? Solaris 2.x? Is there any
other solution? Thanks.

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