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From: Robert Terek [Contractor] (
Date: Thu Dec 17 1992 - 02:48:48 CST

In article <> writes:
>Here is a summary of the responses I received regarding advantages/disadvantages
>of FrameMaker and IslandWrite. In general, people felt that Frame was a
>better choice for more complex document preparation, while Island* was better
>for painting/drawing and simple documents:
>Ronald Guest ( writes:
>>So based on our experience, I would pick Island* for casual/small
>>usage and Frame for formal documentation. The biggest advantage
>>of Island* is price.
>Jonathan B. Horen ( writes:
>>If [you want to create memos, letters, proposals, newsletters and
>>documentation] then I suggest FrameMaker (as a 3-year FrameMaker user, and
>>3-year FrameMaker Administrator, and 17-year TechWriter). If [you want to
>>create small business bulletins, handouts, quizzes, diagrams, flowcharts,
>>orgcharts, etc.] then I suggest IslandWrite/Draw/Paint.

These opinions are fine, but they don't contain much information.
*Why* is Island not suitable for "complex" documents? "Island is
ok for handouts, quizzes..." *Why*? What features does it lack
that make it unsuitable for larger documents?

One important feature Island never had was some sort of "anchored
frame" (or container, in Island-speak) but I hear that 4.0 finally
has it. So, what holds it back?

I'm not flaming here, I'd just like to know the basis for these opinions.



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