SUMMARY: P_ZERO in Dialers...

From: Bob Makowski (
Date: Sat Dec 05 1992 - 18:13:41 CST

A couple of weeks ago, I posted question about P_ZERO in my uucp chat
scripts. Basically everyone said the same thing, although I did receive
the following.

On Thu, 3 Dec 92 23:42:39 PST, (Todd Williams) said:
Subject: P_ZERO
| Frequently Asked Questions for Comp.sys.sun.admin
| Last update Nov 5 1992
| ...
| 35) I can't get my Sun, running SunOS 4.1[.x], to establish a UUCP
| connection to some non-Sun machine; it won't log in. What's wrong?
| The 4.1[.x] UUCP normally runs in even-parity mode when logging
| into another machine. If the other machine is running in 8
| bits, no parity, mode, the fact that the 8th bit is set on some
| of the characters the Sun is sending to it will confuse it.
| The Sun can be made to turn the 8th bit off by putting P_ZERO in
| the appropriate place in the appropriate UUCP configuration file
| [I may have been the one to put P_ZERO there, but I forget the
| details; it's in the send-expect sequence in the Systems file
| entry for the machine, and I think you have an "expect" string
| of "" - i.e., "expect nothing" - and a "send" string of P_ZERO -
| i.e., make the parity bit zero. Check the UUCP stuff in the
| "Systems and Network Administration" document to make sure.]
+--------------- End of Excerpt (Todd Williams)

On Thu, 26 Nov 92 19:20:43 PST, (Gordon Day) said:
Subject: Re: P_ZERO in Dialers...
| Actually, I asked :-). Also, a "strings /lib/uucp/uucico"
| reveals interesting things like:
+--------------- End of Excerpt (Gordon Day)

= Mak

P.S. Thanks to all the contributors.

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