SUMMARY: SunPC on a Novell Network

From: Mike Jipping (
Date: Fri Dec 11 1992 - 20:10:02 CST

First, accept my apologies for this summary being so late. My original
query went something like this:

> We have a campus backbone with PC servers on it running Novell Netware.
> I want to get the SunPC (version 3.0) in my SPARCstation 2 onto that
> Novell Network. As I see it, I have 2 options:
> (1) get a packet driver for the Ethernet card in my SunPC and run an IPX
> driver, or
> (2) get SunLink Netware, effectively placing my SPARCstation on the
> Novell network
> Since option (2) is probably pricey (I don't know...but I'd bet it is),
> and since I can get a PD IPX driver, I'm going for option (1). BUT...
> what is the "Ethernet Card" in my SunPC?
> Or...where do I get a packet driver for the SunPC?

The answer is I can't get one...and I can. In the current version -- as
all responses pointed out -- there is no simulated Ethernet card. That
is, there is no tie in to the SunOS Ethernet device driver or hardware
chip. Therefore, there is no way to get IPX packets out to the net.

Indeed, some Sun/Netware products exist, such as SunLink Netware from
Sun, but they all allow Suns to act as Novell file servers -- either by
making the PC talk NFS or by making the Sun respond to IPX packets.
However, there is no way to send IPX packets from the SunPC to a Novell

But...that was then. It turns out SunSelect (or SunConnect, or
whoever-the-heck is handling SunPC this week) now has a beta version of
SunPC that will have a simulated Ethernet card. Presumably it emulates a
Western Digital...and it will do IPX packets to a Novell server. The
product will be in beta test soon -- we are in fact a beta test site --
and I hear the product is slated for summer release.

Many thanks to all who responded. And apologies again for being so late
with this summary.

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