Summary: Tvi925 Emulation on Sun

From: Todd L. Kindig @ Micom Comm. Corp. (
Date: Fri Dec 11 1992 - 21:00:21 CST

It seems that if you are running OW3, there is no way to do
it... OW2, as stated by two fine gentlemen noted later in this
message, had a program called psterm.... Unfortunately, it will
not run in OW3.

Unless anyone else besides the 5 below have any more ideas, it
looks like its hack time.

PS: Tommy Reingold hit the nail on the head as to the whys and
what fors. :)

The original message:

$ I've searched high and low and have been unable to get a
$ up and
$ running that will emulate a tvi925....
$ xvttool : vt100 and tn3270
$ xterm : vt102 and tektronics
$ Sunsolve: just the above, and how to hook up a real one
$ AnswerBook: same as above
$ setenv TERM tvi925; tset; nogo
$ Does anyone know of a way to get tvi925 emulation in X on a
$ Sun????
$ Any help, clues, or leads would be greatly appreciated

Subject: Re: Tvi925 emulation

Perhaps someone will be aware of an existing solution, but my
is that you will get to take the xterm source (from the MIT X11
distribution) and hack away with VT102 and tvi925 manuals in

>From Sun Dec 6 02:12:32 1992
From: David Fetrow <>
Subject: Re: Tvi925 emulation
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 92 2:12:22 PST

 There is a real early package in the archives called "vtem"
 that allows
anything reasonable to emulate a vt100. If you are really stuck
you could modify
it to do your terminal instead.

>From Sun Dec 6 16:50:22 1992
To: (Todd L. Kindig @ Micom Comm. Corp.)
Subject: Re: Tvi925 emulation
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 92 19:46:00 -0500
Original-From: Tom Reingold <!tommy>

Let me guess. You have an application that only supports the
The programmer didn't think making the application portable was
important. Or he didn't know how. He didn't know that using
curses is
actually easier than hardcoding one terminal's escape
sequences. Any
of this close? If so, find the programmer and shoot him.

Anyway, you're stuck I guess. I happen to have a tvi925 and
it's a
little different from other terminals that vt100 etc. emulation
do. It's a rare terminal so I would bet you can't find a canned
emulation program for it. Why would someone write one?
should be written with curses so you don't need to emulate any
particular terminal. If you're really stuck, your choices are
rewrite the application or to write your own emulator.

>From Sat Dec 5 08:41:12 1992
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 92 10:24:33 CST
From: Mike Raffety <>
X-Organization: Swiss Bank Corporation
Subject: Re: Tvi925 emulation

If you're running OpenWindows, there's a NeWS client which will
anything with a termcap entry (including tvi925). I forget the
but do some grepping through the man pages.

Please be sure to summarize back to the list; thanks.

>From Mon Dec 7 01:04:04 1992
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 92 09:51:17 +0100
From: (Birger A. Wathne)
Subject: Re: Tvi925 emulation

Didn't the old 'psterm' demo that came with OPENWINDOWS earlier
have the
ability to read the termcat file and 'reverse engineer' a
terminal according
to the specs there?

Hmmm. (lots of 'cd' and stuff to find my openwin 2.0 dir)

Yes. In $OPENWINHOME/bin under openwin 2.0. It seems to be
incompatible with
OW 3.0.1, though.

The emulation provided is very simple, but as long as the other
system is
a UNIX box with the same termcap file (and the application uses
the termcap or
terminfo libraries) all should be well.


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