SUMMARY: /etc/exports Line Length Limit

From: Tres Hofmeister (tres@roke.rap.ucar.EDU)
Date: Fri Dec 11 1992 - 23:58:04 CST

My original question:

: Subject: /etc/exports Line Length Limit?
: Our group uses a modified to provide access to DNS
: without the use of NIS. One side effect is that we must use fully
: qualified domain names in /etc/exports.
: It seems that lines in /etc/exports over 1024 characters are
: being truncated to 1024 characters. Is this normal behavior, and if
: so, what can I do about it?
: We're running SunOS 4.1.1 on the server in question.

        The 1024 character limit is a real one. Possible workarounds
suggested include:

        Use NIS and netgroups,
        Use a modified which allows
                the use of netgroups without using NIS,
        Install NFS Jumbo Patch 100173,
        Use the resolv+ package, by
                Bill Wisner <>

        The suggestion I went with was the last one, which came from:

 Martin Walter <>
 John Benjamins <>

        Excerpted from the README for resolv+-2.1-beta:

 "This is resolv+ 2.1, a modified version of the resolver library
 from BIND 4.8.3.

 resolv+ allows you to specify whether hostname and address lookups
 should be performed with BIND, the /etc/hosts file, NIS, or any
 combination of the above."

        As an aside, it would appear that sed has a problem with line
lengths, too. When I tried to use a simple sed command to create a new
exports file, it quietly failed on the long lines in the file.
Switching to Perl solved the problem.

        In addition, it seems that rpc.mountd must be killed and
restarted for these changes to take effect. Why this should be, I have
no idea, but I spent several hours learning it was so... :-)

Tres Hofmeister

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