SUMMARY: Change banner for incoming logins

From: Doug Rinckes (
Date: Wed Dec 09 1992 - 14:26:38 CST

I wanted to be able to change the default login message on our workstations

         Connected to nzls05.
         Escape character is '^]'.

         SunOS UNIX (nzls05)

To a notice pointing out our network is for authorised use etc only. Most of the
responses were to change gettytab. Unfortunately, this does not affect
incoming telnet/rlogin connections, which are 99% of our logins.

The other response was to get*
or which I am in the process
of doing. This will (hopefully) work under network and physical tty conditions.

Thanks to: Yaser Doleh
        bob@MorningStar.Com Bob Sutterfield Gordon Vickers

Doug Rinckes, Network Administrator |
  Telecommunications Systems Support Centre New Zealand Ltd
        Sitting in New Zealand, mailing thru Japan

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