SUMMARY: filesystem full?

Date: Fri Dec 04 1992 - 14:46:25 CST

Sun Managers,

Thank you for the many helpful replies.
Here is my original posting:

Sun Managers,

I have a partition that according to "df" is full, yet
"du -s" tells me I should have plenty of space.

Here are the figures:

df 248796 (used)
du -s 105145

The system reports the filesystem is full. What's going

I am new to sys admin work, so if I'm missing something quite
obvious, please bear with me.

Thank you,

Bob Boulis

Problem resolution:

FSCK. We discovered that the crontab had been modified and the line that
reboots this server had been commented out, it had not rebooted since
Oct 29th. It normally reboots twice a week.

This partition is now at 42%, down from 100%.

Also, df and du now report the following:

df 105209 (used)
du -s 105209

Thanks to all and especially those who said to FSCK.

Bob Boulis

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