SUMMARY: How to set SCSI device number on a Sun3 hard disk shoebox?

From: Delman Lee (
Date: Sun Nov 29 1992 - 14:36:34 CST

Hi! This is regarding my earlier posting to the net about how to set the
SCSI target number on a Sun3 shoebox with an Adaptec SCSI-MFM bridge
card, and how to get it to work with a PC with a SCSI controller card.


o To set the target number to 1 on an Adaptec ACB-4000 SCSI-MFM bridge
  card: short the jumpers A-B on the row of eight jumpers on the board.
  (The set of 4 jumpers in a T-shape on the board is for compression or
  something, and it is either supported or not depending on the revision
  of the board.) To set to targer number 0, open the jumpers A-B.

  A Sun engineer told me that you can't set the target number higher
  than 1 ?!? Maybe he is talking with regard to the board working with
  Sun equipment.

o If there is more than one drive on the Adaptec card, then they will
  be LUN 0, LUN 1, etc of the same target ID.

o I was told that the Adaptec ACB-4000 board is shipped with
  terminators on the board, that's why you don't need to put a
  terminator on the SCSI-OUT connector of a shoebox. Therefore, put the
  shoebox at the end of the daisy chain OR alternatively remove the
  terminators. I *guess* the terminators are the removable resistor
  packs on RP3 and RP4.

o Adaptec telephone numbers:
      +1-408-945-7727 Adaptec BBS
      +1-408-946-8600 Adaptec General
      +1-408-945-2550 Adaptec Tech Support
  I phone their BBS, and found out that for obsolete products like the
  ACB-4000 one should phone their documentation department and ask for

o Some has also also responded on how to set the target number on the
  Emulex MD-21 SCSI-ESDI bridge card. I quote:

  "SCSI target numbers on the MD-21 SCSI - ESDI controller are set by the
  DIP switch at the right front of the board. First three switches are
  the address w low order bit at the front."

  However, I have read on the net that a group tried to use a shoebox
  with MD-21, but failed due to the SCSI incompatibility of the MD-21.
  So they used the drive as ESDI, and seems to be OK so far.


o Even with the above information, I can't get it to work with a
  Future Domain SCSI card on a PC :( The Future Domain card couldn't
  find any SCSI hosts. I am now trying to get the bare Micropolis 1325
  MFM drives to work with an MFM controller card on a PC. The story

Hope this will help someone. Do report on any of your success stories.



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