SUMMARY: network modem comm package

From: Alan Carpenter (
Date: Mon Nov 30 1992 - 13:21:09 CST

Thanksgiving delayed this summary a little. Apologies.

My original post required 3 conditions to be met:

1) talks xmodem

2) scripting language to enable it to run out of cron

3) can use socket instead of tty to talk to modem

Only one package seems to fit the bill: BLAST by US Robotics.
Note that if you can use kermit instead of xmodem, Columbia has
an excellent version (Kermit 5a).

I have ordered this package for $495.

Thanks to: (Don Libes) (Philip Mitchell) (Birger A. Wathne)
ceilidh!dnichols@uunet.UU.NET (DoN. Nichols)
Bill Benedetto <> (John Sanger)

Here are the edited replies:

From: (John Sanger)

Try the 'BLAST Professional for Unix' by the Communications
Research Group of US Robotics.

As for freeware there is always the 'xc' supported by ''.
[xc didn't support sockets] - ajc

From: Bill Benedetto <>

Check out pcomm in
  comp.sources.unix / Volume20 / pcomm1.2
[pcomm didn't support sockets] -ajc

From: ceilidh!dnichols@uunet.UU.NET (DoN. Nichols)
D&D Data                  |  Email: <>
	You should probably look at 'pcomm', which is a 
	freely-distributable source-code emulation of ProComm.  
From: (Birger A. Wathne)
You could use a PD program to set up a 'pty' as a link to a network port.
I think the program is called 'nd'. Look in archie for nd.tar.Z.
You should then be able to run kermit.
[this looks promising] - ajc
From: (Philip Mitchell)
This won't be a LOT of help, but there is a package out there called Blast
that is basically an integrated modem/TCP package, and will fulfill your

-- From: (Don Libes) Consider using Expect on top of your existing programs. You can read more about Expect in the comp.unix.questions FAQ. [I haven't investigated this one yet] -ajc --

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