Summary: Trouble building X11R5 under SunOS 4.1.3

From: Paul Lutt (pwl@tc.fluke.COM)
Date: Mon Nov 30 1992 - 10:44:49 CST

To recap, I was asking for assistance in building the X11R5 release
that comes on the Sun User Group CDROM. I received many replies and
thank all of you for your advice.

The problem turns out to be that the copy of the release on the CDROM
was only up to patchlevel 9. I applied patches 10 through 19 and the
build completed successfully. I think the fix for the problem I was
experiencing was in patchlevel 10.

Thanks to all for making me a happy camper.

	Paul Lutt
Domain:	pwl@tc.fluke.COM
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  UUCP:	uunet!fluke!pwl
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