SUMMARY: strange IPC behavior (no fix..)

From: Ted Nolan SRI Ft Bragg (
Date: Tue Dec 01 1992 - 15:43:39 CST


To reiterate:

We've got an IPC with 8M RAM a CG3 and a 200M internal drive, currently
loaded with 4.1.3 that's exhibiting some strange behavior that I wonder
if anyone has seen.

Essentially, what happens is that although the 4.1.3 load went without
apparent problems, certain operations will consistently bomb out for
no apparent reason. One thing that happens is that the MAKEDEV script
in /dev will not create "win" or "pty" devices. Although no error
message is given, no nodes are created.

Another thing is that attempting to compile a new kernel dies in the
conf.common/ script, a third is that dump consistently dies with
an "illegal instruction" message before actually starting to write output.

I have observed this behavior with 4.1.3 on the hard drive, 4.1.2 on an
external drive, the 4.1.1 miniroot from tape, and booted as a diskless
4.1.3 client, so I'm sure it's not our load.

We have replaced all the SIMMS and reseated the video card.

I'm afraid I never really did solve this. We've since pulled the motherboard
and sent it off for repair. If it still doesn't work after that..

Anyway, thanks to Jim Davis for suggesting I check the swap and
Jeffrey M. Adkins for suggesting I check different device name nomenclature
for 4.1.3. As far as I can tell, neither of those were the problem, but
the support is appreciated!

                                        Ted Nolan

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