SUMMARY: GXplus and memory

From: Leonardo C. Topa (
Date: Tue Dec 01 1992 - 01:03:57 CST

I recently asked:

> From: (Leonardo C. Topa)
> Date: Thu, 19 Nov 92 17:01:11 EST
> Subject: GXplus and memory
> A couple of questions:
> 1. has anybody tried to use the GXplus frame buffers on a Sun
> sparcstation 1? Sun says it is supported only with a sparc2 and a
> sparc10. I find hard to believe that it would not work even on IPX's
> for instance...
> 2. is there any type of memory that can be installed in sparc1's and
> then moved to a sparc10 when we decide to upgrade the machines? Sun
> again says it is not supported. BUT, can it be done?
> The reason why I'm asking is because right now we can't afford to
> upgrade a couple of older sparc1 that we have and are thinking about
> giving them a little bit of new life with some parts that can be
> reused later. As usual, thanks in advance for your replies and I'll
> summarize.
> -Leonardo Topa

For question 1 one person had tried and it didn't work (don't remember
if he said he tried on a sparc1 or on an ipx, though). All the others
said it should not hurt to try if you have one of these buffers
already around (unfortunately we don't), but it will *probably* not

For question 2 everybody agreed that they are totally different simms,
completely incompatible. Don't even try, you may damage the simms
and/or the motherboard.

Thanks a lot to:
Steve Elliott <>
Terry Rosenbaum <> (Adam Shostack) (Harald v Breederode) (Jeff Martin) (James Litchfield - NW Area Solaris 2.0 Transition Boss)
matis!yossi (Yossi Cohen) (Russ Poffenberger) (Mark J. Scheller (+1.619.686.5600)) (Steve Lee)

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