Addendum to SUMMARY: GXplus and memory

From: Leonardo C. Topa (
Date: Tue Dec 01 1992 - 20:28:53 CST

sure enough, as soon as I post a summary saying that it probably
cannot be done, a new reply comes in saying that it can indeed be
done. Thanks a lot Eric!

-Leonardo Topa

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From: (eric adams)
Subject: Re: SUMMARY: GXplus and memory
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 92 08:04:57 CST

> > From: (Leonardo C. Topa)
> > Date: Thu, 19 Nov 92 17:01:11 EST
> > Subject: GXplus and memory
> >
> > A couple of questions:
> >
> > 1. has anybody tried to use the GXplus frame buffers on a Sun
> > sparcstation 1? Sun says it is supported only with a sparc2 and a
> > sparc10. I find hard to believe that it would not work even on IPX's
> > for instance...

> For question 1 one person had tried and it didn't work (don't remember
> if he said he tried on a sparc1 or on an ipx, though). All the others
> said it should not hurt to try if you have one of these buffers
> already around (unfortunately we don't), but it will *probably* not
> work.

We have three IPX's in our group and no-one seemed to hesitate when we wanted
to put GXplus' in them. We had one in as a loaner and had no problems with it.
We should be receiving permanent GXplus' with our next capital package. We also
evaluated a board from Megatek which was supposed to improve performance. It
did improve performance but it required software from Megatek to utilize the
advantages. We try to stay away from proprietary hardware in our Sun platforms.

Sorry this was after your Summary,

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