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Date: Tue Dec 01 1992 - 18:32:27 CST

Regarding my inquiry:
">" I am currently involved in the construction of a Sun-based information
">"system. One of my requirements is to be able to purge all data from several
">"SCSI disk partitions upon request. I looked into the format->purge->analyze
">"option provided with SunOS, but it appears that that particular command can
">"only be used to affect entire disks, not single partitions.
">" Do you (collectively) know where I might obtain some utility (preferably
">"in source form) that can purge selected disk partitions ??
">"Thanks for the assistance!

The majority opinion is that newfs(8) will do the trick, possibly proceeded by
some conflagration of the 'dd' command. However, Ray Smith mentioned the
*UniShred* software utility available from Los Altos Technologies. This
utility appears to meet DOD, NSA, NCSC guidelines. Information can be obtained
via e-mail from

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