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From: Yeh Shih-Min (
Date: Fri Nov 27 1992 - 07:52:10 CST

Orginal Question:
 * How to make a bootable tape?

 * How to copy the contents of a tape to another tape?

Andreas Erzmann (
Chris Bulle (
Dirk Behrens (
Kevin Sheehan (ups!kevin@fourx.Aus.Sun.Com)
W. Walter Fergusson (
Zhou Shouben (zshouben@PCS.CNU.EDU)

 * Use "tcopy" in /usr/ucb to copy tapes.
    If you have only one tape driver, get "copytape" to
    do it. Use "archie" to search where to find it.

 * about make "bootable" tape,
    all answers I got is to duplicate the install tape
    from Sun. Besides use "tcopy", "copytape", you can also
    use "dd" to copy all the savesets of the tape.

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