SUMMARY: `rn' consuming 100% CPU whilst doing nothing...

From: hansen@scrsu1.SINet.SLB.COM
Date: Thu Nov 26 1992 - 10:57:26 CST

Subject: SUMMARY: `rn' consuming 100% CPU whilst doing nothing...

Yesterday I asked the following question on the net and today I'm a happy man
again... ain't life with computers wonderful?

> `rn' to read news hasn't been working for a week (and I've been away...) and
> my users are now getting dead worried that they'll lose news. Basically what
> happens is that `rn' just stops and the CPU meter goes to 100%. `top' shows
> that `rn' is busy doing something, however, to the user it's doing nothing

One of our brothers from Sweden, Svante Lindahl <> hit the nail on the
head with:

> This is just a wild guess, but could it be that the internal hash table in
> rn has been outgrown? I think there are two defines in rn's common.h that
> you might like to change. They are MAXRCLINES and HASHSIZ. To see if that
> could be the case, compare your current number with the number of newsgroups
> in your newsservers active file (/tmp/rrna* if you're running rrn I think).

Indeed it was! So I changed the following definitions:

#define MAXRCLINE 1500 /* number of lines allowed in .newsrc */
                        /* several parallel arrays affected. */
                        /* (You can have more lines in the active file, */
                        /* just not in the .newsrc) */
#define HASHSIZ 1653 /* should be prime, and at least MAXRCLINE + 10% */

to 3000 and 3351 (3351 *is* prime...?), typed `make' and `make install', and
off we went reading News again! Tackar saa mycket, Svante.

Also many thanks to "Susan Thielen" <> and lemke@MITL.COM
(Kennedy Lemke).

Ove Hansen e-mail :
Schlumberger Cambridge Research Tel/fax: 0223-325246 / 0223-315486
P.O.Box 153, Cambridge CB3 0HG, England (International prefix for UK: 44)

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