SUMMARY: How do you determine serial number?

From: Jackie Wilson - BCSS (
Date: Wed Nov 25 1992 - 11:15:40 CST

>Is there a command that will show the serial number of a machine?
>I need to know the serial #'s for all my SPARC's but I don't want to
>have to reboot them all just to see the boot banner. The man pages
>for eeprom and monitor were useless.
>Jackie Wilson

The unanimous decision was that I'm actually going to have
to look at the tag on the back of the machine (something I
was hoping to avoid). Also I learned that the serial number
displayed at boot time is actually the serial number of the
EEPROM and is not related to the CPU serial number on the
back of the machine. It would still be interesting to know how
to display the serial number of the EEPROM without rebooting.

Hey Dan, can I borrow those knee pads??

Jackie Wilson

Thanks to all that responded:

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