SUMMARY: Linking, undefined symbols get_wmShellWidgetClass .. Help please

From: John Gallant (
Date: Wed Nov 18 1992 - 17:23:16 CST

In article <> I wrote:

>I have an application I have written using the Athena widget set running
>on several flavours of Sun-4 under OpenWindows 2. I recently sent a copy
>off to some colleagues to compile on their Sun (also a Sun-4 I think,
>forgot to check this) which has OpenWindows 3. They got two undefined
>symbols at link phase (these were dictated over the phone so there may
>be slight errors):
> get_wmShellWidgetClass
> get_applicationShellWidgetClass
> etc...

I have had a number of replies pointing out a workaround and quite a few
asking to pass on the information I get. It turns out this is in the FAQ list, and I apologise for not looking there before I
posted and there is a permanent solution as well as the workaround most
people seem to know about. Here is the section from the FAQ, courtesy of
David B. Lewis (

Subject: 94) What is this strange problem building X clients on SunOS 4.1.2?

        In SunOS 4.1.2 Sun fixed a shared-library bug in ld which conflicts
with the way X11R4 builds the shared Xmu library, causing these symbols to be
undefined when building some X11 clients:
Compiling "-Bstatic -lXmu -Bdynamic" appears to work.

To solve the problem if you are using OpenWindows 3.0 (X11R4-based Xt), please
contact your local Sun office and request the following patches:

Patch i.d. Description
100512-02 4.1.x OpenWindows 3.0 libXt Jumbo patch
100573-03 4.1.x OpenWindows 3.0 undefined symbols when using
                        shared libXmu

[Greg Earle, earle@Sun.COM; 7/92]

Thank you David.

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