SUMMARY: 1 GB 3.5" SCSI disks redux

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Date: Thu Nov 19 1992 - 15:45:14 CST

This is an expansion of the original article on 1+GB 3.5 SCSI disks as
written by Aydin Edguer ( a few days ago. I asked
Aydin for some other data points on power and heat, and he very kindly
supplied them. This post incorporates that new data and is otherwise
unchanged from his original. I have done a bit of reformatting to
(I hope) make the new data more readable.

Steve Simmons
Inland Sea


There are at least seven models that are available now or will be available
shortly. There are also a few 1.2/1.3 GB (formatted) disk drives
(IBM 0663 E15, DEC DSP3160) available.

DEC DSP3105, Fujitsu 2694S, HP C2247, IBM 0663 model E12, Maxtor MXT1240S,
Micropolis 2112, and Seagate ST11200N. The Fujitsu is just being released
in the U.S. The Maxtor is due out in quantity by the end of the year.

You can contact some of the vendors directly for datasheets and vendor
        Fujitsu +1-800-626-4686
        Hitachi +1-800-HIT-ACHI
        Maxtor +1-800-2MA-XTOR
        Micropolis +1-800-395-3748
        Seagate +1-800-468-3472


Vendor: DEC HP Seagate
Model: DSP3105 C2247 ST11200N
Interface: Fast SCSI-2 Fast SCSI-2 Fast SCSI-2
Drive RPM: 5400 5400 5400
MTBF: 250,000 300,000 300,000
Capacity: 1.05GB 1.05GB 1.05GB
Max seek time: 20 ms 25 ms 26 ms
Track-to-track: 1 ms 2.5 ms 1.9 ms
Error corr: 264bit ECC ??bit ECC ??bit ECC
Cache size: 512KB 256KB 256KB
Warranty: Varies 5 year 5 year
Noise: 39dBA@0.5m 37dBA@1ft 33dBA@(1ft?)
Power consumption (amps)
  +12vdc avg/typ: 0.85 0.45/0.8 0.5
  +12vdc max: ?? 2.6 2
  +5vdc avg/typ: 0.71 1.0 0.24
Heat dissipation (watts)
  average (idle) 11.2 10.5 9
  typical (active) 13.7 14.5 ??
  unspecified ?? ?? ??

Vendor: Micropolis IBM
Model: 2112 0663 model E12
Interface: Fast SCSI-2 Fast SCSI-2
Drive RPM: 5400 4317
MTBF: 200,000 500,000
Capacity: 1.05GB 1.04GB
Max seek time: 25 ms 18.9 ms
Track-to-track: 1.5 ms 0.6 ms
Error corr: 64bit ECC ??bit ECC
Cache size: 512KB 256KB
Warranty: 5 year 5 year
Noise: 35dBA@1ft 34dBA@1m
Power consumption (amps)
  +12vdc avg/typ: 0.6 0.45
  +12vdc max: 2.2 2.7
  +5vdc avg/typ: 0.8 1.1
Heat dissipation (watts)
  average (idle) ?? ??
  typical (active) ?? ??
  unspecified 12 10.9

Vendor: Maxtor Fujitsu
Model: MXT1240S 2694S
Interface: Fast SCSI-2 Fast SCSI-2
Drive RPM: 6300 4400
MTBF: 300,000 300,000
Capacity: 1.05GB 1.08GB
Max seek time: 20 ms 22 ms
Track-to-track: 1.5 ms 2.5 ms
Error corr: 88bit ECC 64bit ECC
Cache size: 256KB 256KB
Warranty: ??? 5 year
Noise: 30dBA@1ft 43dBA@1m
Power consumption (amps)
  +12v avg/typ: 0.79 0.5
  +12vdc max: 2.5 2.0
  +5vdc avg/typ: 0.81 1.1
Heat dissipation (watts)
  average (idle) ?? ??
  typical (active) ?? ??
  unspecified 13 ??


DEC was said to be very fast but tended to be "noisy" and ran "hot", perhaps
too hot to be used internally. The warranty on DEC drives vary by distributor.

HP was said to be a reliable drive but also expensive. HP gives it
a 5 year warranty.

Seagate gives a 5 year warranty - little was said about the drive. A Seagate
spec sheet that listed the rotational speed as 4500 RPM was accidentally
released. The proper speed is 5400 RPM and current spec sheets have been
updated to reflect this.

Micropolis gives a 5 year warranty - it also tended to be the lowest priced.
Beta versions of the drive were said to have compatibility problems but
production versions are supposed to have no problems.

IBM gives a 5 year warranty - was said to be a quiet reliable drive.

Maxtor is supposed to be fast and looks like the fastest in term of maximum
sustained transfer rate [6300 RPM]. Not yet available so compatibility and
pricing are not yet known.

Fujitsu has been selling its drive overseas for a while. Fujitsu America
is just releasing the drive in the U.S. No one who owned one commented.

The type of supplied by vendors for power ratings tends to vary, hence
the many ?? entries in those categories.


StorNet 216 368-2801 Seagate
Unison 508 879-3200 Micropolis [DEC]
NPI 708 325-4151 Micropolis
CoComp Inc 800 658-5981 IBM
Artecon 800 872-2783 DEC (1 yr)
R-Squared 800 777-3478 DEC (2 yr) [Micropolis,Seagate]
Concorde 800 322-1303 DEC
SelTech 216 338-3663 Seagate [Micropolis]
Anthem Tech 800 359-9877 HP [Seagate]
Aviv 617 270-6900 DEC
Cranel 800 288-3475 Seagate [Fujitsu,HP]
Rave Computer 800 966-7283 IBM
WT 800 882-0007 HP
Western Science 800 443-6699 Seagate
NCA Periphs 408 739-9010 -

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