SUMMARY : Filters and remote printers

From: Johnny Vergeer (
Date: Tue Nov 17 1992 - 07:14:57 CST

I Wrote:
>I am having lots of problems getting a TCP/IP connected laser
>printer to work correctly. The printer seems to concatenate print jobs.
>The supplier sugested putting some sort of time delay between print jobs.
[stuff deleted ...]
>The problem is that the filter (ng-if) never gets executed !
>Is this because filters are ignored for remote printers ?
Thanx to all who replied via mail !! (I guess this is a FAQ :)

So, filters *are* ignored for print queues configured as remote printers.
The trick is to fool the queue into using the filter (lp=/dev/null), and
then in the filter do the lpr -Pxxx command. The xxx queue will point
to the remote printer.

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