SUMMARY: NEC 95 printer problems

From: David Tan,Box 219 Baker Lab,54810,2720402 (
Date: Wed Nov 18 1992 - 20:31:40 CST

(I tried posting this a while ago, but I'm not sure it made it. If it has,
y'all have my apologies)

Sometime ago I posted a question regarding printing ASCII files on a NEC
Silentwriter Model 95 laser printer. I was under the impression that it
could tell the difference between PostScript files and HP PCL files and
print accordingly (I didn't buy the thing: I was just told that it could
distinguish between the two and would I please hook the damn thing up.)
Anyway, I had no trouble printing PS files, but it would flush plain
ASCII files. Manually setting the printer to "LJIII emulation" (HP PCL)
resulted in only the first line of a page of plain ASCII to be printed,
and in too large a font, so that the line ran off the end of the page.

Thanks to all who replied, it was greatly appreciated!

It was pointed out to me that the 95 does NOT differentiate between PS &
PCL in the printer. Rather, it comes w/software (print filters) for DOS
& Macintosh. I was told that Abobe's Transcript and James Clark's "lprps"
(available on c.sources.unix vol. 31) should fix the problem. I installed
lprps, and now things work very nicely.

Some details: NEC 95 attached to Sun Sparcstation 1+ (SunOS 4.1.1) over
serial line at 9600 baud (will probably increase to 38.4K if I get around
to it.) /etc/printcap as follows:

lpt1|lp|molly-nec|NEC Silentwriter Model 95:\


New problem: it often chokes on largish (> 500K) PS files. I've since
raised the baud rate to 38.4K, but the printer is supposed to be able
to take that. (Sigh) Great mysteries.

(Sigh again) any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, and thanks again to all who replied.


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