SUMMARY: psbanner can't find .banner

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Fri Nov 13 1992 - 18:03:36 CST

Yesterday, I asked:

>A newly installed 4.1.3 system seems unable to use transcript.
>Whenever a user tries to print, the /var/spool/lw/lw-log
>fills up with "psbanner: cannot open .banner" messages
>(multitudes of them), and the jobs don't print. .banner
>exists in /usr/tran/sparc/lib, just like it does on my
>other systems. What's wrong here? Thanks.

Thanks to the following for replies:

From: (Mike Rembis 6259)
From: (Halvard Halvorsen)
From: (Lothar Mueller)
From: Steve Lodin <>
From: (Gary Richardson)
From: (Tim White)

Turns out the problem was incorrect ownership on the /var/spool
directories used by lpr; it should be "daemon".

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