SUMMARY: Adding pseudo terminals

From: Gunnar Orvarsson (
Date: Fri Nov 13 1992 - 17:02:36 CST

 Dear Sun Managers,

 This is a summary on how to add pseudo terminals on a SPARC, running
 SunOS 4.x. Most of the responses, I got, mentioned two actions that need
 to be taken:

 1) A kernel needs to be configured. The following line in the
    configuration file defines the number of pseudo terminals
    supported by the kernel.
    pseudo-device pty # pseudo-tty's, also needed for SunView

    should be changed to:

    pseudo-device pty<n> # pseudo-tty's, also needed for SunView

    n indicates the number of ptys, by default n is 48. It would
    probably be best to choose this number to be a multiple of 16
    as 16 ptys are created at a time, if the MAKEDEV script is used
    as described below. A maximum of 256 ptys are supported.

 2) Devices need to be created. By using the /dev/MAKEDEV program
    groups of ptys can be created. 3 groups of ptys probably exist by
    default: pty[pqr]{0,..,f}. Therefore each group contains 16
    devices. The first group is called pty0, the second pty1,... and
    so one.
    New groups can be created using MAKEDEV pty<g>, where g is the number
    of group. For instance: MAKEDEV pty3 will create the following devices:
    ptys0,..,ptys15. The relation between the letter s (and other letters)
    to the group number is defined in the MAKEDEV script.

 I hope this will be of some help.

 Thanks to those who replied:

        Christopher Nims <>
        Ric Anderson <>
        Brent Alan Wiese <>
        Daniel Quinlan <danq@lemond.Colorado.EDU>
        Jim Davis <>
        Gustavo Vegas <gustavo@ece.concordia.CA>
        Michael Tripoli <Michael.Tripoli@Corp.Sun.COM>
        trdlnk! (Michael Sullivan) (Mike Pearlman)
        ken@sunPete Hartman <> (Kenneth Maier)
        Pete Hartman <> (Halvard Halvorsen) (David N. Edwards)

        and to

        stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern)

        for sending me a paper on "Building and Debugging SunOS Kernels".

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