SUMMARY - problems with printing through a gateway

From: Oleg Chaikovsky (
Date: Thu Nov 12 1992 - 01:04:34 CST

Again, an easy answer to my problem. In my original message I wrote:

>I need some help with printing over a thru a gateway to another network. I have
>a Sparcserver 4/490 that is the host for an Imagen printer over Thin net (10BASE2).
>It serves a few workstations in our office area, but the server is located in an area
>where technicians can do regular backups. The printer is located near the user workstations.
>To provide for easy acces to anyone who is using the server to do their work, I was trying
>to get the host (4/490) to print to a network thru a gateway. This network is right
>there in the same technician area and the printer is adjacent to another 4/490. My problem comes
>from using simple lpr commands and getting errors like the following...
>on the 4/490 remote server..
>sparc490: waiting for queue to be enabled on ddrsrv0
>Rank Owner ....(etc)
>on the 4/490 print host (ddrsrv0)
>/usr/lib/lpd: Your host does not have line printer access...
>I've tried checking printcaps and enabling and restarting daemons, with no luck.
>Anyone have anything?

Well, the solution was to either place the name of the remote system into the
/etc/hosts.equiv file or create a file called /etc/hosts.lpd on the print
server. The latter is more desireable because it limits access to your system
strictly to printing.

Thanks go to the following individuals for their timely answers...

Elmar Kugpold <>
Carl Hughey <>
Wilfredo Castillo <>
Michael Reynolds <>
Peter Sivo <>

Thanks again, the service comes through...

Oleg Chaikovky
Sun/Macintosh Systems Manager
Aerospace Simulation & Systems Test Center
Rockwell International, Downey CA.

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