Re: Exabyte 8500 on Sun IPX (Summary)

From: Mike Andrews (
Date: Thu Nov 12 1992 - 17:29:42 CST

Problem solved! Here's the answer:

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>Subject: Re: Exabyte 8500 on Sun IPX stores only 2GB!
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>>We have just installed an Exabyte 8500 5GB tape on a Sun IPX running
>>Sun OS 4.1.2. It's on the first SCSI bus, esp0 as Target 4, making it st0.
>>The problem: It only stores 2GB! Does Sun send something to the drive
>>that makes it go into a 8200 compatibility mode?

>From the st(4s) man page:
> For helical-scan tape devices (Exabyte):
> /dev/rst[0-7]
> Standard EXB-8200 (2GB) Format
> /dev/rst[8-15]
> EXB-8500 (5GB) Format
>i.e., if you use name /dev/rst0 you get 2GB capacity,
>/dev/rst8 gets 5GB capacity.
>Hope this helps...
>Tim Baum

This did it!

I was a bit confused about the st8 device and whether the kernal had to be
reconfigured to look for an "st8, Ninth tape." No reconfig needed. It is just
a matter of using /dev/rst8 to refer to the Exabyte 8500 tape drive that is
installed and recognized as st0.

Many thanks to all who responded including:

Tim Baum
Connie Baker
V. Q. Hoang
Larry Beaulieu
Guy Harris
Brian Berlinger

All of these helpful responses came in less than 24 hours. I luv it! |-{)

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