SUMMARY: Dump parameters for 5.0 GB Exabyte

From: Mark Oakley (
Date: Fri Nov 06 1992 - 14:15:10 CST

This was my original question:-

I have a 5.0 Gbyte Exabyte unit attached to a 630 MP. I was wondering what
parameters I should be using with the dump command for things such as
recording density and tape length. The documentation only quotes figures for
the 2.3 Gbyte unit as far as I can see.
Thank you to everyone who responded. It seems that I am missing some
documentation. The general view is as follows:

The recording density is 54000 bpi, this is the same as for 2.3 GB.
The tape length is 13000, up from 6000 feet for 2.3 GB
The blocking factor is 126, the same as 2.3 GB

The other detail I needed was that to use the unit in 5.0 GB mode then a
different /dev entry is used. In my case to use the unit in 2.3 GB mode I use
/dev/rst1 but if I want to use 5.0 GB mode then it is /dev/rst9 (ie. add 8).

To backup various partitions and then view the directory contents of the tape:

/usr/etc/dump 0dsbfu 54000 13000 126 /dev/nrst9 /dev/sd0a
/usr/etc/dump 0dsbfu 54000 13000 126 /dev/nrst9 /dev/sd0g
/usr/etc/dump 0dsbfu 54000 13000 126 /dev/nrst9 /dev/sd0h
/usr/etc/dump 0dsbfu 54000 13000 126 /dev/rst9 /dev/sd3g

restore -tvf /dev/rst9
restore -tvfs /dev/rst9 3
restore -tvfs /dev/rst9 4
restore -tvfs /dev/rst9 5

I don't understand why I need a value of 3 for the skip value in the restore
command though. I was expecting a value of 2 to skip to the second file on the

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