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From: Robert Meisner FE (
Date: Tue Nov 03 1992 - 16:43:45 CST

This was my original question :

Hi SUN-world

We have a classroom like setup off 5 SS2s and there will be a course going on
There is a local OW3 installation on every machine.
If I log on to machine 1-4 OW3 works fine but on machine 5 I get this message : map heap error (9) for /dev/zero
giving up

Loggin in as root OW works. Logging in as another user OW works.

Loggin in as yet another user it produces this message (no errors with same
account on a different machine).

XNeWS : internal error detected (SIGSEGV)
        Report this problem to a knowledgeable person.
giving up.

If I mount a disk with OW3 from another machine (where OW works fine)
it's still the same problem.

Reinstalling OW doesn't help either.
I received a lot of replies (thanks to all of them).

Some suggested to

1. Check permission on /dev/zero (should read crw-rw-rw)
2. Increase swap space on the machine

Permissions were ok - increasing swap was done.

Result : Problem #1 (heap error) vanished (due to swap increasement I think)
(The following message from stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM says why:
add swap space. generally, when you see this message, the dynamic
linker can't allocate swap pages for zero-initialized data, which
is mmap() from /dev/zero)

Internal error remained

Thanks to

Another suggestion by :

Check that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set correctlt to one OW library.

eg: setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/openwin/lib

Result : I had it set before.


Some suggested the path in the OW (lib/OSpatches/install_4.1.1patches.

I did run it - no result.

Thanks to :

Some more :
   You are hitting a bug from ld and OW 3.0. One solution is
to make sure your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable does NOT contain any
symbolic links that is what cured my problem. The other solution
I believe is documented either in the release notes for 4.1.2 or
in the release notes for OW 3.0


This error is normally seen when you are running SunOS 4.1.1 and OW3.
This configuration requires a patch to the dynamic loader. However,
since you have 4 machines which work this may not be the problem. Does
the 5th machine mount /usr from a different place? If so then maybe you
should apply the patches on this machine. Run

from :

        I remember I experimented the same problem when I installed OW3 on
SS2 machine. To fix it I installed patch-100444-01 (If I recall well this
replace the Xnews program). Good luck.


I did everything that was suggested and changed the order of the
entries in the .cshrc files. And suddenly Openwindows comes up.
I can not really tell what was the important step as I got slightly
confused with all the different settings in different accounts and when
I applied which patch and all this.

It does still not work in openwin -noauth mode. Sorry - I don't have a
manual for OW3 - it got lost a while ago.
But I can lice with that.

Thanks to all who replied.


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