SUMMARY : .cshrc link

Date: Tue Nov 03 1992 - 17:23:15 CST

Thanks to you all ! I can't mention individuals, there too many answers
to my question :

        Does the Sun3/4.1.1 csh fail to follow a symbolic link
        ~/.cshrc -> /usr/local/startup/.cshrc unlike the Sun4/4.1.2 csh ?

The overwhelming majority of you kind of quoted the csh man page :

  Initialization and Termination
     When first started, the C shell normally performs commands
     from the .cshrc file in your home directory, provided that
     it is readable and you either own it or your real group ID
     matches its group ID....

The man page is not correct in every detail, because it says these con-
ditions are required for the .login file, too, and the aren't, but in
fact, that was the difference between the Sun3 server and Sun4 server
which caused my problems. Sorry, I didn't look close enough. But my problem
remains, as we have to have users in different groups, so I can't use links
at all.

Most of you in fact advised me to use something like

        if (`/bin/arch` == 'sun3') then
           source /usr/local/standard/.cshrc-sun3
           source /usr/local/standard/.cshrc-sun4
This is the second best solution to me. We used to have a script called
"tsupdate" which copies SysAdmin built .anything files to a users home
directory, and I am sick of users fiddling around with them and afterwards
asking me : "Why is this software not running ?" just because they deleted
the "setenv OPENWINHOME .." line in it.

Installing a link would make it extremely easy to check such a situation,
easier than to check whether they source the right file. But I'll have to
live with that.

So long and thanks again

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