Summary: QIC-150 cartridge read error

Date: Wed Nov 04 1992 - 01:04:35 CST

original question:

orig: System Configuration: SparcII, SunOS 4.1.2, Patch 100474-01
orig: Sun (Archive) QIC-150 cartridge unit
orig: dd(1) reports a read error on one of my cartridges. Does anyone have
orig: an existing utility that will skip bad blocks on a tape and continue
orig: reading? The cartridge in question is relatively recent (recorded and
orig: verified 17 Jun 92).

The overwhelming favourite answer was to utilize the capabilities of
dd(1). The man page for dd very clearly states that one of the options
for conv is to continue on error (conv=noerror). Thanks very much for
the help to:

Geert Jan de Groot <>
Vasu <>
Brian Bartholomew <>

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