Revised Summary: QIC-150 cartridge read error

Date: Wed Nov 04 1992 - 18:52:48 CST

>> original question:
>> System Configuration: SparcII, SunOS 4.1.2, Patch 100474-01
>> Sun (Archive) QIC-150 cartridge unit
>> dd(1) reports a read error on one of my cartridges. Does anyone have
>> an existing utility that will skip bad blocks on a tape and continue
>> reading? The cartridge in question is relatively recent (recorded and
>> verified 17 Jun 92).
> The overwhelming favourite answer was to utilize the capabilities of
> dd(1). The man page for dd very clearly states that one of the options
> for conv is to continue on error (conv=noerror).

Paulo Licio de Geus <> writes:
>As far as I know, you're not able to get past the bad
>spot, no matter what.

Paulo was correct (for my tapes, anyway). When I was able to try
the noerror option on dd, it did not proceed past the media error.

If anyone is aware of low level analysis routines for tape media, I
would appreciate some pointers. Thanks,

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